Me.-Master 1

The Me.-Master 1 is a two-day training session where you gain primary psychological insights and a basic understanding of the Me.-model. After completing the Me.Master 1 you will have the basic skills that will enable you to function as a Me.-profiler, able to interpret and explain basic patterns correctly and to provide meaningful insights. 

The Me.-Master 1 group training is delivered in four sections over a period of two separate days.

At the end of your two day training you will receive a copy of all the teaching materials, a loan copy of the Me.-Coach board and associated competency cards as well as exercise licenses from the online Me.-Scan which is intended to be used for practice interviews.


At the end of the group session you will be allocated a Me.Scan mentor, who will provide you with one to one mentoring for four practice Me.-Scans. Your mentor will also assess your progress through a live conversations focused on your practice Me.-Scans  this builds on your training and ensures you are fully able to use the Me.-Scan professionally. Once the conversation is judged as satisfactory and has achieved our level of quality, we will provide you with an accreditation of the Me.-Master level 1 program. After this we will provide you with details of a subscription plan. To maintain the quality of the Me.-Scan delivery and your own development using the tool we will organise four compulsory annual supervision sessions; this ensures all practitioners are operating to the required professional standard. 

Costs of Me.-Master 1– £2,000

Includes two day classroom style training

Loan copy of the Coach board and competency cards

Access to four Me.-Scan profile reports for your practice Me.-Scans

Two hours of one to one mentoring

Once your assessment has been successfully completed you will receive:

Your Me.-Scan accreditation with a licence to access Me.Scan system

Useage of the coach board and competency cards

On-going costs:

On-line assessments and Me.Scan reports

Four annual group supervision sessions

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