I can be quite cynical about tools such as this but the exercise gave a fascinating insight into oneself and has made me think in different, less fixed, ways when considering my strengths and weaknesses and how I should approach things.

Rupert Gill, Partner, Brabners LLP


I’ve done a lot of personality tests and this one is the best. It’s quick, concise, and straightforward it brought me very simple, deep insights I have never got before. I also found the scan very practical with a clear focus for action.

Finn Jackson, Coach, Consultant, Author


I’m a scientist and struggle with many of the psychometric tests, so when Tracey talked to me about ME.-scan I was not confident it would say much of interest. What staggered me was how much a few simple choices could characterise a character so accurately. I have benefited hugely, clearing out my life and concentrating on what’s important.

 Tilly Spur Director Larder and Gym


Having been in FMCG for over 25 years, I think I’ve probably carried out every variant of personality profiling and each time you get something slightly different, however, there is a lot of additional value from the Me.-scan. Firstly, the process is very intuitive and you don’t get bored filling in endless questions and cross questions, I was engaged throughout. It was a valuable experience that has enhanced my understanding of my leadership style and opportunities.

Caroline Cater Marketing & Digital Director, Coca-Cola European Partners


The ME.-scan was different as it was very individual, it made me realise and work on some of my strengths that previously didn’t have the confidence to do, also the areas I am weak in I now ask for help and advice i.e. Working with data collection this has made my life much easier.

 Sarah KaIenhorn Vascular Access Nurse Specialist


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