Our products and services for personal development and team development distinguish themselves with their accessibility and effectiveness. The Me.-scan forms the base for our products and services because of its clear insight of personal unconscious behaviour.

Me.-reports and Me.-analysis sessions

The personal information gained from the Me.-scan can be processed into different kinds of standard reports. The reports can offer insight in different subjects or different levels of depth. The reports show the basic patterns gained by the Me.-scan in a clear manner. The real personal depth that can be achieved by the Me.-scan can not be conveyed by a standardised report. Therefore we recommend a Me. analysis session with a Me. coach before reading the report.

We.-team overviews, We.-team analysis sessions

The We. team overview forms the basis of team analyses and team coaching. Experienced We. team coaches can offer support in team composition, team development and transition processes in which staffing is relevant.

Team analysis sessions are team sessions of 2 to 3 hours in which the team dynamic becomes clear but also room is made for discussion about potential issues between team members.

Me.-coaching board

The Me. coaching board is a tool with which coaches can add a playful element to a Me. analysis session or a Me. coaching session. The tool is available for accredited business partners with a Me.-Master 2 accreditation.

Personal coaching

Personal coaching on basis of the Me. coaching method is a compact coaching training of a maximum of 3 coaching sessions aimed at creating awareness of opportunities and possible pitfalls. The coachee gains insight in possible themes behind the coaching question. These themes will be explored and the coachee will gain the necessary knowledge to start the desired development. This development can then  be continued with coaching or other forms of support, all dependant on the coaching question and underlying themes of the coachee.

Team coaching

High Performance Organisations and High Performance Teams. Often used terms in businesses regarding the effectiveness of teams and organizations. Team efficiency is largely dependent on whether the team members can draw on each other’s qualities and how well they deal with each other’s sensitivities. Team coaching begins with creating insight into each other’s personal dynamic and the effect individual dynamics have with each other. With this insight, the team can be taught and organized in a more beneficial way.

Advisory services

TheTrueTalentTeam and its business partners can advise and guide companies with all questions about HRM, transition processes and personal development.

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