The Me.-scan offers a compact, accessible and precise method of gaining insight into the degree of a person’s utilization of his or her natural talents. The Me.-scan consists of two parts. The first part makes use of positive and negative associations with 8 archetypical images. The experience someone has with the 8 images used gives insight into his or her (unconscious) behavioural preferences and allergies. In the second part of the Me.-scan 10 competence cards need to be chosen out of 24 options, choosing the 10 that he or she think or feel best reflects their own qualities. The coherency between the choices of the two parts shows the degree of awareness a person has between his or her natural talents and how far these talents may have developed. It also becomes visible which blockages and pitfalls someone can encounter without being fully aware of them.


Blockages and pitfalls arise when a person develops behaviour that does not fit his or her natural preferences. This ‘adapted behaviour’ develops over time and seems to be a quality, but – aside from costing more energy than natural behaviour – inevitably shows to be ineffective when under pressure. Moreover, this adapted behaviour inhibits the development of a person’s real natural talents. For example, someone who has issues letting go of control will have a hard time delegating responsibilities to others. Because of this he or she will not develop Delegating Leadership skills very quickly. The Me.-scan does not only show what obstacles are playing tricks on a person, but also what caused them and why he or she developed behaviour that does not suit them.

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