TheTrueTalentTeam offers products and services to customers from businesses, educational institutions, the ‘not-for-profit’ sector and the private sector.


The Me.-scan and We.-team profiles are used in educational institutions at both the level of students and the level of teachers and supervisors. At the level of teachers and supervisors the scan can be used to support personal and career development.

At the level of students the scan can be used to better align teaching methods to students’ needs and talents and in groups the scan can be used to improve or clarify group processes.

Not-for-profit and social domain

The Me.-scan offers a quick and clear insight into the natural potential of people and their possible pitfalls. This insight speeds up the process of finding fitting jobs and increases chances for successful job placements. With the scalability of the scan, the accessibility of the reports and the tailor-made training programs, our products can be implemented easily in the working processes within an organization.


The right people at the right place at the right tiMe. Strategic HRM is an increasingly more important part of businesses. Markets change faster than ever and the adaptability of an organization becomes the decisive factor for success.

Recruitment; Career coaching, talent development, team coaching, change management; these are the typical areas in which TheTrueTalentTeam can support your company.

Private sector

Our products and services support personal development, school or career choices and personal coaching.

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